A view of Station Square, taken from Academy Street in Inverness 1890s; 1900s
Royal Hotel, Inverness 1950s; 1960s

Inverness Townscape Heritage Project

The Inverness Townscape Heritage (TH) project is a grant-giving scheme that helps communities to regenerate Conservation Areas displaying particular social or economic need.

Focusing on Academy Street the TH project involves a number of funders contributing to a project fund, from which grants are given to local property owners, businesses and organisations to allow them to carry out high-quality repairs and historic reinstatement to properties and spaces within the defined TH area.

The aim of the Inverness TH project is to improve the quality of life for those who live, work or visit Academy Street by:
• Preserving and enhancing the character and appearance of the street
• Repairing and restoring authentic details and materials
• Bringing historic buildings back into appropriate, sustainable and economic use
• Improving public realm to make Academy Street a welcoming and attractive environment.
• Increasing training opportunities in heritage skills and wider community engagement

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