West Side: The Victorian Market, Academy Street

The New Market and Fish Market, as it was known in 1920, with the following traders in the market:
1 A. & D. Macdonald, butchers
Alexander Macdonald
Donald Macdonald
2, 4 Alex. Maclennan and Son, butchers
3 John Macdonald, fruiterer
5, 7 L. Gavin, dealer
6 Miss L. Rosenbloom, fruiterer
8, 9 Mrs B. Garwood
10, 12 John Rosenbloom, fancy goods merchant
11, 13 William Law, fancy goods merchant
14, 16 Thomas Lively, Watchmaker and jeweller
15 Ewen Macdonald & Son, butchers
18 Isaac Finkelstein, watchmaker
Fish Market— .
Market Hall
John Macallan, fish salesman
John Stewart, fish salesman
John Hutchison, fish merchant
Charles Buckley, fishmonger
19 Andrew Paterson, photo artist – Andrew’s images can be found via https://www.facebook.com/Andrew-Paterson-Collection-14986…/…