A view of Station Square, taken from Academy Street in Inverness 1890s; 1900s
Royal Hotel, Inverness 1950s; 1960s

The Inverness Townscape Heritage project is a direct outcome form the implementation of the City Centre Development Brief.

City vision: A can‐do place where individuals, communities and businesses are able to realise their full potential and fulfil ambitions that benefit them, their city and the wider region.

City Centre Development Brief key aims are to:

  • Improve the commercial vitality and viability of the City Centre
  • Make the City Centre the most attractive and desirable place for businesses to locate
  • Enhance the user experience for tourists and other visitors
  • Make the most of our historic buildings
  • Reconnect the City Centre with the river frontage
  • Increase connectivity and active travel to, from and within the City Centre

The development phase of the Inverness TH project held a number of consultation events; please see the presentation from the final event:

Inverness Townscape Heritage Project – Academy Street

More information on the strategic context of the TH project can be accessed at the following links:

The Highland Council Inverness City Centre Development Brief: Area based supplementary guidance

The Old Town Conservation Area Management Plan: Inverness Old Town Conservation Area Management Plan